Jens Vetter

GITTER live at MS SISSI .. a spontaneous collaboration with Anatol Bogendorfer leads to a new music project focussing on experimental sounds, rhythmic noise and field recordings. Here are the first recordings of our concert on the ship MS Sissi, and our new website:!

video by Elisa Unger!

VETTER_HUBER new pics : )

Foto: Robert Maybach

Trailer "Homo Restis"

Film by Elisa Unger. The film follows the collaborative work of Jens Vetter and Sarah Leimcke based on the latest performance Homo Restis.


is an interactiv sonic installation. Reminding of spider nets, it sits in corners and structures. You can touch it and bend it, kind of an "environmental instrument".

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Jens Vetter "Von Bangkok nach Peking" 2015

Zitat Galleya:
"künstler-portrait-reise-dokumentationsdings" über das Projekt Bureaumaschine

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