Jens Vetter

The music-duo Spitze has been an experiment, combining pop-punk-underground with a fine-arts approach.
Riding stereotypes.
Minimal setup with Marten Schech on e-drums and Jens Vetter on synth and vocals.


Spitze - "Gespenster" (2012, cassette)

Kinder Gespenster Ruf mich an! Verfall Schrei Pirsch

Live in Wilthen.
Foto: Sandi Wermes

Live at "Goldene Rose" Halle 2012.
video: Melo Syndrom

"Concert in a car" at Elbwiesen Dresden
video: Melo Syndrom

Live in Halle "Goldene Rose", pictures are taken at various places
video: Jens Vetter