Rapid Song Prototyping

Rapid Song Prototyping   A workshop based on designing musical patterns and creating musical results which is often a challenge, especially for media-art artists at the intersection of technology and performance. Simple approaches from conventional music and free improvisation can create a cross-benefit and help to create a condensed musical and sonic presentation. Open source tools such as SuperCollider or electronic circuits can be used not only for the conceptual compression of sound, but also for the deliberate organization of sound and sound events.

In this workshop, easily accessible means, documentation strategies and basic structures of music are presented, with which a quick access to finished pieces can be achieved. On the basis of experiments with electronic devices, instruments, open software the principles of "rapid song prototyping" are discussed and applied.


Workshop at BB15, Linz






Workshop at Art Meets Radical Openness (ARMO) 






Workshop at Bauhaus University Weimar