Jens Vetter


Workshop "Rapid Song Prototyping"

I gave a workshop "Rapid Song Prototyping" for media artists during AMRO 2018, Linz. With Stefan Tiefengraber.

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Tquencer, a new tangible step sequencer, developed by Martin Kaltenbrunner & Jens Vetter at Tangible Music Lab (TML) at University for Art and Design Linz.

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Master Thesis Jens Vetter 2018
"Performative Topologies for Musical Expression"

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Welle Linz - preview 2018

Welle Linz is a new projekt with Stefan Tiefengraber & Jens Vetter. Noise trash pop experimental. Talking about digital headaches and electronic power consumption.

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VETTER_HUBER - "Amphetamin" live at Club UNTEN Linz Austria
filmed & recorded live @ UNTEN, Linz Austria 2018

director ELISA UNGER
light engineer JAN DERSCHMIDT
audio recording CHRISTIAN "BAUKI" VITEKA

VETTER_HUBER - "Feel The Need" [Music Video 2018]

New music video online by VETTER_HUBER!!

director ELISA UNGER

GITTER live at MS SISSI .. a spontaneous collaboration with Anatol Bogendorfer leads to a new music project focussing on experimental sounds, rhythmic noise and field recordings. Here are the first recordings of our concert on the ship MS Sissi, and our new website:!

video by Elisa Unger!

VETTER_HUBER new pics : )

Foto: Robert Maybach

Trailer "Homo Restis"

Film by Elisa Unger. The film follows the collaborative work of Jens Vetter and Sarah Leimcke based on the latest performance Homo Restis.