Jens Vetter

Selection of live shows based on exploring noise and modular synthesis

In between music, sound art and experimental noise I like to explore structures, patterns and accidental sounds. I use devices and instruments, that are also used in conventional musical contexts, such as modular synthesizers, effects, mixers, etc. I try to manipulate them in a way that permits to produce rhythmic noise, sub-frequencies and abstract repetetive patterns.

The following exerpts are collected during the last years:

Live @ Tresor, Hauptplatz Linz 2017
Jens Vetter, modular synthesizer, effects

Live @ Stadtwerkstatt Linz
Jens Vetter, modular synthesizer, effects

Tusalava excerpt: Silent Film Screening Uni Linz 2017.

Film: Len Lye's Tusalava
Live-Sound: Jens Vetter, modular synthesizer, theremin

Live @ Kollegiumgasse Linz - full experiment
Jens Vetter, configuring & reconfiguring the Tinysizer modular synthesizer inside an art installation by Kiky Tomanek.