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exhibition Gratulation at BestOFF 2019, Linz, AT


"Gratulation" @ Kindl Berlin

Gratulation is an interactive sound installation and has been shown at Kindl Berlin. Next presentation will be the BestOFF Linz exhibition.


Kabelsalat is an interactive sound-scultpure. It was commissioned by the artist collective qujOchÖ for their format Linzbased #3: Verena Kroupa & Jens Vetter

find photo & video here:

Vetter_Huber - "DANCE SLOWLY" [Official Music Video]

new video of Vetter_Huber

actor - Björn Büchner
guest part - Jens Vetter, Patrik Huber
camera - Dominik Galleya
director / editor - Elisa Unger
set assistant - Laura Nußbaumer

© 2019 Seayou Records

Tangible Signals @ Austrian Academy of Sciences

"I am working on the translation of digital sound into tangible signals in order to make music experienceable and controllable on a physical level. The project takes place in cooperation with the Bundes-Bildungsinstitut Schwerpunkt Sehen in Vienna and focuses on enabling digital sound production for the visually impaired, who are largely excluded from computer music." Jens Vetter (Kunstuniversität Linz, Tangible Music Lab ) #ÖAWFellows

Film HOMO RESTIS online

The film documentary Homo Restis about the project by Sarah Leimcke and me is online at
director | camera | cut - Elisa Unger

here the direct link to vimeo

Music video Dance Slowly at Crossing Europe Filmfestival

The new music video Dance Slowly by Vetter_Huber will be premiered at the International Filmfestival Crossing Europe in Linz!

The song will be released as a single in May 2019 at our record label Seayou Records to promote our upcoming album *Eskalation im Paradies".

Big thanks to filmmaker Elisa Unger and the whole crew!


Exhibition of the interactive sound-scultpure Gratulation at "Wie man mit dem Gummihandschuh philosophiert. Topologische Operationen in Kunst und Theorie." at Kulturtankstelle Linz

find photo & video here:

Why worry about new musical interfaces? | Jens Vetter | TEDxLinz

my performance at TEDxLinz 2019 is online!
Involving the NETZ 2.0 and the TQUENCER!

Dokumentation - Rapid Song Prototyping at BB15 online

the final video of the workshop Rapid Song Prototyping at BB15 is online!

check it here:

Rapid Song Prototyping

next Rapid Song Prototyping workshop at BB15, 9th march2019!

DJ Set - "Hauptplatz 6"

Made my first DJ set!
#minimalwave #experimental #techno #ownSounds #japan etc.
and I am very happy about it ; ) so I want to share it:


I build a new modular and powerful light setup for the band project Vetter_Huber.

More details and parts here!